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stress free parties

Non stop games with prizes included

All packages can be adapted to suite your date

Suitable for age groups of 5 and up unless otherwise stated

Stress free booking

Superhero and princess party

Fun filled fantastic party from start to finish, full of energy with games prizes and dances, keeping the children entertained all the way through.


We put the children through superhero training and princess catwalk with doing lots of different moves and activities for around 10 minutes then we kick in with games and dances. 

What you get with this party package

  • a disco with clean music

  • spot and laser lights 

  • Superhero and princess cut-out to have your photo taken at the side of

  • superhero training for the children and princess catwalk training

  • Games non stop 

  • prizes and sweets for every child for taking part

  • superhero certificate for every child

2 hours - £190 3 hours - £220​


Unicorn party

Unicorn party (no limit on the amount of children present)

A fun filled package with non stop games from start to finish with a visit from our unicorn flossy, our unicorn mascot, flossy will make an appearance, allowing children to have their photos taken and meet and greet.


This also comes with

a full professional disco set up and lights,

clean music throughout,

with inflatable unicorns to help set the scene of the party. 

Visit from flossy the unicorn for 15 to 20 minutes

2 hour - £190   3 hour - £230


Arty party

Arty Party (limited to around 30 children)

Our arty parties are a great way to celebrate if your child prefers to have a more laid back and activities kind of party. You find the venue with enough tables and chairs and we will provide the entertainment. 

With our Arty Party you will get: We will bring 4 different craft activities for all the children to do, we will base these on a theme if you would like, and the children get to keep whatever they make. We will also provide all the materials to achieve these different crafts

For a 2 hour party we charge £240


Uv Glow party

Uv glow party is an excellent party package for age groups from 6 and above and can be adapted for the teenagers.


A fun filled fantastic party with nonstop games and dances from start to finish only breaking for food.

What you get:

  • Disco with uv lights to make the children glow

  • laser light show

  • uv glow backdrop to set the scene of the party 

  • 1 pack of glow sticks to make glow bracelets for every child up to 40 children more can be added for extra cost

  • uv face paint for every child

  • Games throughout the party

  • prizes table

  • sweets for every child for taking part


Fun filled and packed party from start to finish, nonstop, energetic and a brilliant party for all age groups

2 hour - £190      3 hour - £230


Tiktok snap party

(no limit on the amount of children present)

This is a party for all those growing up and love taking selfies and posing with their friends, this package comes with 2 different backdrops which are the birthday children’s choice, so they can pose and snap selfies in front of, this also comes with a full professional disco set up lights and clean music, which we will try and use as much from tiktok as possible plus modern chart, we will also take requests from the children on the day. This package does not come with any games as this is for those children that are growing up and not really interested in playing games. They are more about hanging with their mates and dancing to music.

2 hour £190      3 hour £230


Energetic kids

This party package is different, this is a non stop party for all those energetic kids out there, made up of fun games from start to finish using inflates such as a human whack a mole, football darts, relay races and more.


This isn’t a disco package so please be aware that there are no disco lighting with this package. Also you would need a space big enough for this party, ie a community room, church hall, sports hall etc.

All children will receive a medal and the winners will receive a trophy. 

2 hours - £190      3 hour - £230


Movie party

Movie Party (limits may be in place for certain parts)

Our movie parties are a great way to celebrate for all those children that prefer a party that is more laid back. With our movie parties you get a 14ft inflatable screen with projector and a 1000 watt speaker to give you the feel of being in a cinema. 

A wide range of choice of films they can watch. This package you can make how you would like 

Option 1- we will provide blanket throws for the flooring with scatter cushions, and little touch finishes to where the children will sit. £45

Option 2- we can provide a popcorn station and also a candy floss station for the children to make use of whilst they are watching their film (please enquire about price this is dependant on the amount of children present)

Option 3- A hot drinks station for hot chocolate, tea, coffee, for your guests to use. All disposable cups will be provided and all drinkable refreshments will be provided. If you choose to have hot chocolate present this will also come with marshmallows. (please enquire about price)

This package without any options starts at 

2 hours £190    3 hours £290

For all added extra to add to any party package 

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