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Easter Halloween or Christmas parties

Here at Flava fun parties we love the different times of year when we can bring out the festive fun and games, and also decorate the disco area to put the children in the mood for the time of year. 

Flava fun parties like to go big and bold on these special dates of the year with giant inflatables to help get the children in the festive mood, also backdrops to set the scene of the party. With a Full professional disco set up and light show, clean music throughout and festive music that is appropriate for the time of year. 

Please check out our different set ups and also our different services we can offer you for your up and coming event:

For our festive parties we do suggest booking in early, as for these times of years we book up around 6 months early

Snow machine

Bubble machine


Smoke machine or low lying fog machine


Additional services you can add to your packages

Christmas Parties


Our family friendly festive Christmas parties, are non stop energetic, with games, prizes, festive music, and we can also add festive quizzes for all the family. 

We also now have THE GRINCH, to be able to cause mischief.

We can provide snow machine, to bring the festivities to your event (weather it is used inside or outside). 

Christmas themed photo area, with inflatable photo booth and backdrop for all your guests to use to have festive photos taken infront of.

What you get with our Christmas parties:

Full professional disco set up

Clean Christmas music

Christmas inflatables 


Prize table with a range of different prizes

Christmas party prices:

(these are subject to travel charges)

2 hour party £190

3 hour party £240

4 hour party £260

5 hour party £300

Additional items you can add to your package:

Grinch visit for 20 minutes (causing mischief with the children and having some fun with the games... additional £40

Christmas inflatable photo backdrop - set up and ready to go for your guest to use when they want, additional £30

Snow machine to bring the Christmas spirit to your event (weather this is set to use inside or outside ) starting from £40

Halloween Parties


Let's have some spooky fun, with spook-tastic games, spooky music. 

A family fun-tastic time with spooky clean music, inflatables backdrops, and more. 

With spooky games and energetic family fun. 

What you will get with our spooky party:

Professional disco set up 

Uv lighting to help set the spooky effect

Spooky clean music

Inflatables (we are constantly upgrading and adding to our inflatable collection)


Prize table with a range of different prizes

Spooky Party prices:

(Subject to travel charges depending on the distance)

2 hour £190

3 hour £240

4 hour £260

5 hour £300

Additional items you can add to your package:

Smoke machine - adding the spooky effect to the lighting and for the children to run around in. additional £30

Low lying fog machine - this can add a great spooky look to any party with the fog rolling across the floor, starting from £40 (please enquire for more information)

Spooky quiz for the family - no additional charge

Easter parties


Our Easter parties are great energetic fun, with festive games for the time of year for all age groups, with clean modern day music, and you could also include a visit from the easter bunny with us to come along and join  in the festive fun (plus if you are giving out Eggs our easter bunny will help you out by dishing out your chocolate. 

What you get with our Easter party:

Professional disco set up

Lights and clean music

inflatables and some times backdrops to set the scene of the party

Non stop games

Prize table with a range of prizes to choose from

Our Easter party prices:

2 hours party £190

3 hours party £240

4 hour party £260

5 hours party £300

Additional items you can add to your package:

Easter bunny visit to give out your chocolates and have a little fun with the children also photo opportunities additional £50

Bubble machine (the venue must allow this and the flooring must be suitable for the bubble machine due to health and safety) £30

smoke machine or low lying fog machine starting from £30

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