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Snows not keeping us away

Well over this weekend, the snow may have slowed life down and made a weekend of fun for all the children but luckily we still managed to make the children's parties, and have some great turn outs even with the amount of snow that was down on the ground.

Saturday a great party in Dore, for a lovely princess. With a lot of fun and games for all the children even getting the parents involved.

Saturday afternoon, our staff member Emma attended another party in Beighton this time for face painting loads of little faces, seeing so many happy little faces running around makes the snowy days alot more warmer.

Today we have joined three birthday boys in fullwood for a brilliant joint party, having the disco and games, face painting and glitter station. Wow so much fun and energy.

So now it's time for the flava fun team to relax and re-energize ready for the parties to come.

Now the snow is melting away and making access so much easier so bring on the parties and we look forward to all up and coming dates

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