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Getting ready for the festive period

Christmas is coming quick and the festivities are in full swing, here at flava fun parties we are currently getting ready for the festivities with some of our new inflatables and also our Christmas movies.

Our new inflatables are larger than life bringing a lot of fun to the Christmas parties. We have a new reindeer that stands 6 ft tall, a Christmas tree that stands at 8ft, and a new inflatable Christmas photo backdrop that stands at 2metres tall. Plus our over the head Christmas arch. Wow what a spectacular show these inflatables are going to be.

These come along as part of any of our children's and families Christmas parties.

Our movie screen with our new movie projector now brings the festivities to life, we can now give anyone the Christmas

movie spirit where ever they choose with our 14 ft movie projector screen. All this comes along with our movie package.

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