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Parent verses Kids party package

Travel charges may apply and we do ask that all parents stay at this package to help the children through the first half, this is the only way this package will work with parent participation

We do suggest this package for 6 years and above


Fun filled fantastic party from start to finish, full of energy with games prizes and dances, keeping the children entertained all the way through.

First half of the party will be aimed at the children versing their parents at games and tasks that are set out, building up a point system to find out our ultimate winners.

Second half of the party is where the children will play games and dances that are Soley for the children


What you get with this package:

  • disco set up with clean music

  • 1 backdrop saying happy birthday

  • light show with spots and lasers, some moving heads as well

  • games for the first half with prizes just soley about the children

  • second half of the party - where the children verse the parents, building up points on some games, winning sweets, and some games they will win prizes. 

  • Certificate for every child for taking part

2 hour party package  - £175

3 hour party package - £220

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