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Questions you may have?

Questions you may have we will always try to answer them for you, here are some of the questions we have been asked and we hope we have covered them all.

  • What areas do you cover?
    We cover most of south Yorkshire and a few areas around the outskirts. Please see our areas page for more information and detailed postal code areas, if your post code isn't on the list and you think you are close to the areas we cover then send us a message and we will see if we can travel out to you.
  • Where abouts are you based?
    We are based in Sheffield, and travel up to around a hours distance from Sheffield to accommodate all your party needs.
  • Why should we choose you?
    No party is ever the same. We know that you have to respond to what children say on the day, and adapt a party that revolves around their energy levels. For example if kids are highly energetic and ready to start jumping up and down, we won’t try to sit them down quietly, we’ll get them up and play active games and dance to music. Each of our children’s entertainers has bundles of energy and our activities are very lively, with loads of fun for children to take part in. There are many other things that set us apart too though, such as: Our exclusive Flava fun party content Tons of variation and activities packed into every party Super energised entertainers Very competitive prices Every member of our team is DBS checked Our electrical equipment is PAT tested yearly for safety Over 15 years of experience We have loads of reviews from past clients who love what we do!
  • Are your staff DBS checked?
    Yes every member of staff that works for flava fun parties is DBS checked and we pride ourselves on providing all the relevant paper work, so we can entertain in schools and organisations.
  • Do you know venues I could use?
    Yes we deal with a lot of venues around south Yorkshire and we are currently compiling a list of venues we suggest for your party needs in and around south Yorkshire
  • Do you provide light up numbers?
    Yes we provide light up numbers that can either glow up with white light or multicoloured lights which is always a good one for the children. These can also come with balloon garlands to outcast the numbers in your chosen theme
  • Can you provide balloon arches?
    Yes we can provide balloon arches for your day, these have to be booked in when you book in for the entertainment so we can allow enough time to erect the balloon arch and also prepare the disco and entertainment equipment.
  • What kind of prizes do you provide?
    Prizes vary depending on what we have on the day, but they generally include medals, stickers, popit toys, wall crawlers, bouncy balls, crayons, puzzles, note pads, snap bands, light up toys, etc…
  • Can I send song suggestions for the date?
    Yes we welcome you to send us song suggestions in for your party, all we ask is if you can send them in at least 7 days before the party starts so that our entertainers have enough time to make sure your suggestions are in a folder ready for your event
  • Will you keep the children entertained all the way through the party?
    We will always try our best to keep all the children entertained all the way through the party with our non stop games, the only time we break is for food and drink, but its not always possible with some children as they want to run around and not join in which we will never make a child join in
  • Do you allow for the children to have a break inbetween for food and drink?
    Yes we break for food around the middle of the party for the children to go for food and drink, which also gives our staff a chance to grab a quick drink and get equipment ready for the next games
  • What do you class as a distraction at the parties?
    Here at flava we class bouncy castles, soft play areas and children that are just their to run around as a distractions for those that want to join in. We don't have a preference with balloons as these we use through some of our games. The only time these can be a distraction is if the children are going around popping the balloons and scaring the other children that are present
  • Do I have to choose your party packages or can I make my own?
    Not at all. You can have a custom made party package if you’d prefer. Our children’s party packages are designed to make choosing what to have, easy for you. But if you have a set idea of what you’d like already, simply tell us and we can put together a customised party package for you.
  • Do you allow bouncy castles and soft play at the parties ?
    We don't suggest having soft play or bouncy castles present at the party, as this distracts the children from joining in with the entertainment, this also diverts attention. If you are having a bouncy castle present and soft play we just like to make you aware that we will do our best to keep the children entertained that want to join in, but we can not guarantee them joining in, this is the risk you will run with having a entertainer and bouncy castle present at the same time
  • Do I have to have games in my party package?
    All our packages comes with Games for the children but no you dont have to have games present at your party. If you feel your child will not be interested in the games then we will leave the games out of the package and just revert to the disco with the theme of the party also playing action songs for the children to dance to.
  • Do you have a limit on the amount of children present?
    No its no problem to us how many children you have present on the day, the more the merrier, and the age ranges of the children is no problem to us as our games are very wide ranged for all age groups of children. The only time we have to put stipulations on how many children are present if you have booked in for the face painting or hair station as these are limited to the amount of children we can fit in with a certain time limit.
  • How many entertainers will be present?
    To most of our packages their is usually always 2 entertainers present on the day, the only package that only one entertainer is present and that is our bronze disco pacakge
  • Are your entertainers male or female?
    Our entertainers are predominantly female and we are skilled in all party packages
  • Do you provide everything you need for the entertainment and party, plus all the games?
    Yes we provide all our own equipment, and we provide all the prizes for the games we play, choosing 2 or more winners every time. We also provide sweets in some games for all the children to win that take part. The only thing we do not provide is pinyata's or pass the parcels, we do state that if you want a pass the parcel or a pinyata then please provide them yourselves and we will work them into the programme.
  • Do you know anyone that can dress the room for a event and provide cakes?
    Yes we will recommend a couple of different businesses for your room decorations and also your cakes and sweet treat needs, these businesses we will put you in touch with and let you book and organise your needs through them separately
  • Do you provide your services for corporate events?
    Yes we can provide our services for corporate events, we have to charge a little extra than what you would pay for a normal party as we will need to bring in extra staffing for larger events and also provide larger number of games and prizes for the amount of people you have present on the day.
  • Do you work with big organisations and businesses?
    Yes we already work with some big organisations and businesses around south Yorkshire, from H.M.P Y.O.I Doncaster, Serco, first and mainline buses, Sheffield city council, department of education, and Sheffield eat healthy. Plus Kiverton and Wales village hall, western park charity, Sheffield children's hospital charity, Sheffield universities, and more.
  • Do you know anyone that can dress the room for a event and provide cakes?
    Yes we will recommend a couple of different businesses for your room decorations and also your cakes and sweet treat needs, these businesses we will put you in touch with and let you book and organise your needs through them separately
  • Do you provide contracts and invoices for businesses?
    Yes we provide invoices for all our parties, if you want a invoice you can just message our staff and they will send one over within 24 hours, and for businesses that want contracts drawn up we will provide you with a business entertainers contract for our services for you to sign
  • How much time do you need to set up and pack away?
    We will usually arrive at a venue around 1 hour before your start time, to get set up and make sure we have sound checked and got all our equipment ready for the event, some times we may be running from one party to another and we may only allow our selves 30 minutes for setting up but please don't worry we will be set up and underway for your start time
  • What kind of music do you provide?
    We provide music from the 1950's to present day, we will work with you to achieve the best playlist for your event, and we will take requests on the day, and play them as and when the dj see's fit to include them into the play list, please be aware that our dj will not sucome to your guests coming up and telling the dj that the birthday person has requested that you play a certain song or certain kind of music NOW, or next. Sorry but no, we will fit the song in when we set fit to, and we will work the playlist around the songs that your suggested when you booked in with us, if you didn't suggest any songs then our dj will work a playlist that they see fit for the age groups you have present on the day
  • Are you a dj that talks through the party on the microphone?
    No we are not, we will sit behind the dj stand and work on the playlist to try and get your guests on the dance floor. We will only go on the microphone to make any announcements that need to be made through the night, and also to call any orders the pub or business has given us.
  • Would you provide children's entertainment at a private party or wedding?
    Yes if you have more than 10 children present that would join in the games, then we would defiantly play some games with the children and provide the prizes and sweets, this is a good way of catering for the children as well as the adult guests on your occasion.
  • Do you provide more than djing for adult and private party nights?
    Yes if you are wanting a night that is a little different with games for the adults with prizes, we can defiantly help you out with this as we like to get adults involved and give your guests some thing different and to talk about for months to come
  • What is your cancellation policy, if I have to cancel my party?
    The DJ will be holding your date exclusively for you and will turn away all other work. The potential loss of work in the event of a cancellation is real and tangible, if you cancel before 30 days of the event then you will only loose your deposit, but if you cancel upto 30 days before the event then you will be charge a cancellation fee of £50 which you will be invoiced for and payment must be made within 7 days or legal action will be taken and interest will be added weekly, plus you will incur legal costs and administration fees. Should the event be cancelled for reasons entirely beyond the clients control this includes covid 19 the deposit already taken will be non refundable but any other payments made will be refunded back to you with in 30 days of this arising.
  • What will happen if anything breaks out at the party?
    We understand that you can't help it if anything breaks out at your party, but we will not risk the safety of our staff or our equipment, this is outlined in our terms and conditions and if the break out is inside the venue in the room we are present in, we will stop the music allow you to control take control of the situation in hand, and if the situation carries on then our staff will pack down the equipment and leave the venue. You will still be charged for the full night as this is stated in our terms and conditions and you will be held accountable for any damages sustained at your event in full. This is part of your contract with flava fun parties
  • How do I enquire about a date I would like to book?
    If you would like to enquire about a date and a services, we suggest sending us a message via our contact us page, and we will reply to you shortly after usually with in 24 hours, we will talk through any questions you may have and any plans you want to put into place, we will also then talk you through how to book with us
  • How do I book one of your parties?
    Send us a message via our contact us page to check we have your date free, then we will start the booking process off with you. We ask you to fill in a booking contract form which gives us all the details we need in one place, you will then receive a invoice for the services you have booked which you can pay a £15 deposit through, the rest then can be paid on the date of your party before it starts or via online upto the date of your party
  • Can I pay online?
    Yes you can pay online via your invoice that will be sent to you after we have received your booking form back, you can then make payments via the instructions on the invoice or via the invoice its self. Our staff are always on hand to help.
  • Can I pay my party off in instalments?
    Yes we can accommodate you paying your party off in installments, we ask that you message us via the original contact way, every time you make a payment which will be marked off your invoice until it is totally paid off. You can talk this through with our staff that will be happy to help you.
  • Can I pay in cash on the day?
    Yes we don't mind any one paying via cash on the day of the event, all we ask is that you let a member of the team know if you are paying via cash when you finalise your booking. The payment in cash needs to be made at the beginning of the party before we start.
  • Do you provide contracts and invoices for businesses?
    Yes we provide invoices for all our parties, if you want a invoice you can just message our staff and they will send one over within 24 hours, and for businesses that want contracts drawn up we will provide you with a business entertainers contract for our services for you to sign
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