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Games and Dances we use

Please note we choose the kind of games we think are suitable for the children you have attending the party and we will never force the games on the children. 


  • Musical statues with a difference (we get the children doing more challenging parts throughout the game, no one is out)

  • Squares (like musical chairs but we use squares)

  • Limbo ( the person that can go under the funniest , scariest or most bandiest)

  • Make it winter - (we get the children with adults help to turn the dance area into winter)

  • Paper chase - (dancing with news paper and balancing on it, making the paper smaller as the game goes on.)

  • Fetch - children and adult participation of bringing items to show me to gain sweets)

  • Party pants ( a new game that is being introduced, where throwing and catching balls )

  • Hula race - ( feeding a hula hoop up and down a line winning team wins the prize)

  • Corners ( like you play at school)

  • Fast pass - (passing on our ball or balloons as fast as you can slowly getting the circle down to last two)

  • Treasure hunt - (we hide sweets around the room .)

  • Dance off - (teams dancing there socks off to win a prize)

  • Pass the parcel - (we usually ask for you to provide the pass the parcel)

  • and more

Dances we do?


  • Chu chu Ah

  • Music man

  • Big fish little fish

  • Baby shark

  • Superman

  • Conga

  • Hokey Cokey

  • Cha Cha Slide

  • Penguin dance

  • Finger dance

  • Stomp and freeze

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