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Booking Process

Booking and payment procedure

When you have chosen which services to book in for from our variety of options, we have a few further steps to take to get you fully booked in for your date. 

  1. You choose the service or services you require and your date and times and send us a message through our contact us page , we will then take a look at the diary and see weather we have your date and times available, and contact you back from our email address

  2. We agree the time and date - we then send your our booking email through which outlines all the details for your date, and the procedure we go through, also the next steps with the booking process, we ask you to fill in an online booking form attached to the booking email which gives us all the details of your party in one place. 

  3. We also ask for a non-refundable deposit which is usually around £15 when you can make it with in a 7 day from booking. if we do not receive the deposit this can void your booking. All the details for making the deposit are outlined in the booking email, or you can visit our site on our contacts page where there is a payment link to make a deposit for your party, we ask that you quote your party date and name for our reference. and also send us a message just to let us know you have made the deposit so we can mark it off on your booking.

  4. Once we have the deposit and the booking form back we are all set for your date and ask that if you need us in the meantime, please just contact us directly or call us we will always be happy to help and to just keep in touch

Setting up time frame

  1. setting up for a private function- 45 min to 60 min
  2. setting up for our silver , gold, party packages, kool kids parties 45 min to 60 min
  3. setting up for a indoor face painting glitter tattoos festival glitters or our bronze parties 30 min to 40 min
  4. setting up for a outdoor event of any of the above services 60 min to 90min

packing down time frame

  1. Packing down from a private function 30min to 45 min

  2. Packing down from our silver, gold, party packages, kool kids parties 45 min to 60 min

  3. paking down from a indoor face painting glitter tattoos festival glitter or our bronze party 20 min to 45 min
  4. packing down from a outdoor event of any of our services can take from 45 min to 90 min
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