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We understand how it can be hard for children on the ASD spectrum to attend or enjoy parties? 

We as a company understand and are here to help...

Our services we can adapt to help your child/children enjoy a party. Here at Flava fun parties, we want to make parties accessible as possible for every child, and we understand the struggles you could face, so we have couple of different packages that we adapt our services to help your children.

We understand every child has multiple levels that can cause discomfort to your child and different aspects of parties can set off those discomforts which doesn't make it an enjoyable experience for your child or neither you as a parent.

We also understand some children might need extra support on the lead up to a party or on the day of the party and we offer different support packages to help which we outline in our services below. 

  • We don't use strobe lighting at all

  • We can adapt our disco lighting to give areas of the room that doesn't have disco lights so that the children have a time out area if they need it

  • we keep the music level to a minimum level that the child feels comfortable with 

  • We come out before the party to a comfortable place your child likes, or we can do video call's, to introduce a member of staff to your child to help break the ice before the day and explain the day and see what we can do to help 

  • We won't force or ask to much of the child on the day if they say no, we agree and just carry on without them, so the day runs smoothly. we can also revert to just disco so they can run around and hang with their mates.  

  • if your child doesn't like attention drawn to them with singing happy birthday, getting them upfront, saying their name over the microphone or talking directly to them, we will abide and do our very best to stick to a forward plan for the day.

  • The games - we slow the games down and take longer than usual if needed to help your children grasp the concept of the game, we will also run through the format of the games many times until the children feel comfortable.

  • We try not to make any game competitive, and we try to make sure as many children as possible go home with prizes. We also bring along a bucket of sweets which we like to use as prizes for all the children in some games so that they are all winners in some games. 


Standard Party

What you get with this party:

You get a professional disco set up with some party games (these games are taken at the children's pace and if they don't want to play we just revert to disco), a quiet corner made up of colouring and stickers, staff will interact with the children helping them feel at ease, we will also bring some different props to make the games more interesting for the children. 

we will also bring along a bubble machine, but we do ask that the area the bubble machine will be used that the flooring is safe for the bubble and wont cause any health and safety issues

1 and half hours £150

2 hours £175

Mega party

What you get with this party package:

You get a professional disco set up with games that are taken at the children pace, these will also be dropped if the children don't want to take part and revert to disco. We will also use props to make some of the games more interactive and interesting for the children. 

We will include the bubble machine in this package and ask that their is the appropriate flooring for health and safety reasons. You will also get Mini face painting with this package for the children. 

2 hour package £180

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